Thursday, March 22, 2012

Power of the Squishy Ball

This, dear teacher friends, is the all-powerful squishy ball:

"Ohh, ahh!"
 This thing is amazing.  It has many powers, including the power to calm children and make them walk in a perfect, quiet line through the hallways.  It sat on my shelf for several weeks before it decided to show off its' abilities.  Then one day I handed it to a quiet kiddo and said, "Wow, ____, I love how you're standing.  Would you like to hold the squishy ball?"  And my life has never been the same.  I can grab this thing off the shelf, hand it to a kid, and the whole room gets quiet.  Amazing.

Of course, squishy ball has a weakness.  We can't pull on the strings or he goes to squishy ball heaven.  But that's ok, because I can get another one at the Dollar Store.  Though, the kids don't know that.  :]

Happy Thursday, and may the power of the squishy ball be with you all as you round out your week tomorrow. 

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